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Göran Marcusson: Dropping into a Dream
By Helen Spielman

“It’s just disgusting that anyone can play the flute that well,”

whispered my girlfriend between pieces as we attended a National Flute Association Convention concert, listening to Swedish flutist Göran Marcusson. We were mesmerized by his dazzling technique and gloriously singing tone; astounded by his impossibly soft pianissimos and the complete relaxation of his body. At a rest in the music, he hitched up his pants as casually as if he were in his own back yard. He made brilliant flute playing look as easy as tossing a ball. Definitely disgusting.

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1. Having a later start to your musical career than most, how did you find your way into music and flute performance?

I was a “flute owner” at age 9 and only practiced for an hour the day before my lessons… I played mostly because everybody at home played an instrument. Originally, I wanted to become a pilot in the Swedish Air Force like my uncle. But I had back surgery when I was 14 and that put an end to my dreams of becoming a pilot. Also, my uncle had a bad crash in a jetfighter, a SAAB J35, at that time. So, we were both in the hospital and communicated almost every day. To become a pilot was not an option anymore even though I never lost my fascination for aviation.

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